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Midwest Regionals Deadline: March 1, 2015. Screening April 11, 2015, Belleville, Il
Pacific NW Regionals Deadline: April 15, 2015. Screening May 20, 21 2015, Portland, OR

2013-2014 Winners

"The International Youth Silent Film Festival was an exceptionally rewarding opportunity for myself as a young and aspiring filmmaker to gain hands-on production experience and to experience the rewards and opportunities that come simply from participating in the competition."

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  • Nicolas Bergen
  • Pacific Northwest, USA

"The silent medium is a wonderful way to work on what is so basic to good filmmaking, that of storytelling."

"It was inspiring to see my creation on the big screen alongside those of other very talented filmmakers. I’ve also established friendships with other people who have the same passion for making films."

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"Silent films are a universal language that this festival and it's participants embrace."

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"Making our film was enjoyable, seeing it on the big screen was exciting, and winning first place was overwhelming."

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"As young filmmakers, we have learned so much from making a silent film."

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